Crypto users, your data is precious! Protect them now

To strengthen your security and preserve your privacy on the Internet, the VPN ( Virtual Private Network ) has become de rigueur. Cryptocurrency users are even more vulnerable than the average user, since the fact of being even sovereign of his tokens attracts much envy. The reasons for owning a good virtual private network are becoming major.

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Protect the confidentiality of your sensitive data

Internet Service Providers ( ISPs ) have the ability to monitor your Internet activity , whether for your inbound or outbound communications.

Data relating to the sites visited or your browsing habits may be collected without your knowledge. This phenomenon is even more important if you are not on Internet pages encrypted in “ https „.

Regarding the field of crypto-assets , not hiding your IP address can cause real security problems ( compromise of private keys, visibility of crypto exchanges, etc.). Hackers are always on the lookout for data transmitted „in the clear“ – that is, without encryption or VPN protection.


In the past, a VPN was synonymous with sluggishness, but NordVPN has managed to change that and is now dubbed the title of the fastest VPN on the market . Indeed, the company’s multi-server strategy allows increased browsing security and unparalleled fluidity.

The NordVPN team has indeed relied on the advantages of the WireGuard protocol , and has integrated its own solution nicknamed the “double NAT system”. Details of this technology which bears the name NordLynx are available here .

In addition, NordVPN has recently made available to its users a brand new Dark Web Monitoring tool. This allows you to be immediately informed when your personal data is shared without your knowledge on the Darknet.