Nuclearis announced an RSK-based solution that will enable tracking of the nuclear power plant supply chain

RSK, the intelligent contract platform developed at Bitcoin and secured by its mining, is now being used to track documentation related to a nuclear power plant. Nuclearis, a nuclear engineering and manufacturing company has confirmed through a press release that it has successfully implemented a solution to upload and authenticate documents with the first of its suppliers. The solution has been developed by Nuclearis with the advice of IOVlabs, the company that operates RSK and its Infrastructure Framework (RIF).

Based in Buenos Aires, Nuclearis already has a global presence with offices in the United States and China and works with the largest nuclear power plants in Argentina. Ultimately, the plan is to convert the RSK tracking solution to open source so that other players in the growing nuclear industry will also benefit.

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Nuclear in Argentina
Nuclearis, which is working with Argentina’s three power plants, Atucha I, Atucha II and Embalse, said the Argentine government and the country’s main nuclear power plant operator, Nucleoeléctrica Argentina, are looking to adopt its blockchain system. Currently, the company is in a new expansion project from the creation of a new business unit called „Material Organization“ that will allow them to position suppliers of Nuclear grade materials ensuring their quality and traceability, guaranteeing that all operations, processes and services related to the purchase, manufacture and supply of these.

On the other hand, the RSK block chain developed with the consulting firm IOV Labs uses a process called „merged mining“ to execute a side chain in the Bitcoin block chain and harvest the hash power of the largest crypto currency.

„The immutability and security provided by the block chain are of paramount importance to the nuclear industry,“ said IOV Labs CEO Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar in a statement. „We are very excited about Nuclearis‘ solution in that industry and are delighted that they have chosen RSK blockchain and RSK Infrastructure Framework (RIF) technologies for their development“.

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The RSK-based platform now in use is only for tracking the origin of new parts, but there are many interesting use cases in areas such as dismantling parts, Nuclearis said.

„If you replace something like a bomb from a primary circuit that has been radioactive for the last 50 years, you have to dismantle it, take it out of the reactor and dismantle it,“ Martinez said. „The traceability of these things is very important so that they do not appear on the black market or, worse, become a dirty bomb.